The Legal Rap

Yo, yo, yo, listen up, my friends,
We’re gonna talk about some legal trends.
From freestream boxes to BMW lease,
Understanding the law, it’s like a masterpiece.
Is freestream box legal, that’s the question,
Understanding the legalities, it’s our obsession.
And what about the role of contractile protein,
In muscles, it’s like a legal machine.
Agreement to pay money owed, that’s a big deal,
Legal treatises, they got the scholarly appeal.
What’s the corruption legal definition,
Understanding the parameters, that’s our mission.
eBay agreement, it’s on the list,
Getting that legal insight, can’t be missed.
And if you need a divorce petition form,
We got the guide, it’s the legal norm.
Legal free music downloads, that’s a cool vibe,
Understanding the law, it’s the legal tribe.

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